Director Competency Requirements for a Sector Entering a New Age

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In an unprecedented environment of Royal Commissions, pandemics, reduced consumer confidence, and an increase in the Commissions focus on Aged Care providers delivering safe quality and self-determining care and achieving excellence in Aged Care Governance, the focus has turned to individual director competency. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety and the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission (ACQSC) has called for increased governance skills and competency levels across the age services industry to ensure improved quality care and financial sustainability. The Board and its directors must have oversight and accountability for self-determining, high quality, safe and effective care to older Australians. Providers must ensure they are sustainable and high performing with a strong culture for continuous review and development and organisation-wide governance. It’s now up to us create directors who are governing organisations with residents at the heart of all they do. However, the roadmap is constantly shifting in the landscape of evolving legislation and oversight obligations. We are finding ourselves in a new age of director requirements, and at the centre of this is having the right skill sets. 

Listen to the presentation GovernWith's CEO and Founder Fi Mercer gave at the recent Leading Age Services Australia's Virtual Forum - Aged Services  Innovation: Owning the Future Now.  

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