Cyber Security for Boards - Webinar

Join Fi Mercer and co-authors of 'The Secure Board' for a deep dive into the critical topic of Cyber Security in the boardroom.

Listen to GovernWith’s Fi Mercer and co-authors of The Secure Board, Claire Pales and Anna Leibel to discuss one of the hottest topics on the Boardroom Table – Cyber Security. 

As technology is being an integral part of business, Boards and day-to-day life it's no longer a question of if you need to know about Cyber security but when you're going to learn. 

You can order your copy of The Secure Board through Amazon or Booktopia.  The Avenue Bookstore locations in Albert Park and Richmond also stock copies of the book.  Please contact Claire and Anna for bulk orders of the book at a discounted price and postage efficiencies. 

The Secure Board 

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About Claire and Anna 

Claire Pales (FAISA, GAICD) is a best-selling author, a podcast host, and Director of The Secure Board, a consulting company committed to advising executives and boards, and helping businesses to establish exceptional information security practices. She has 17 years of experience in the security industry, leading award-winning cyber strategies throughout Australia and Asia. 

Anna Leibel (GAICD) is a Director of The Secure Board, a Non-Executive Director and senior executive across the financial services, management consulting, telecommunications and technology industries. With three decades experience in leading customer, business and digital change, she is a sought after advisor to Boards, Chief Executives and IT leaders on transformation, data, cyber, leadership and culture. 

Claire and Anna bring together 45 years of combined experience to co-author The Secure Board and share the key elements of cyber security for Board Directors to gain confidence that their organisation is cyber safe. 


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