Contemporary Governance Risks: Starting at the Top

Gain valuable insights into the contemporary governance risks of Gender Equity, Social Inclusion, and Climate Change from GovernWith's CEO Fi Mercer.

GovernWith’s CEO & Founder Fi Mercer concludes our discussion series on the key contemporary governance risks at the boardroom table; Gender Equity, Social Inclusion and Climate Change. Fi wrapped up this series by discussing what we’ve learnt about these three key topics. Fi also discussed with Founder of 6peas, Carolyn Grant, her research with Boards and Executives about psychological safety and how this impacts on discussions and decision making which effects how we can set the tone from the top. 

If you'd like to download a summary of Carolyn's Whitepaper – People + Science BOARDROOM Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 click here.  
If you'd like to purchase the full version of the People + Science BOARDROOM Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021, you can purchase it here from the 6peas website.  

If you'd like to find out more or to book in a Boardroom Briefing on Psychological Safety – mitigating risk and driving performance or a Psychological Safety Assessment for your board or leadership team and/or organisation contact Carolyn. 

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