GovernWith Benchmark Report 2023

Led by our host Bri Mahony, alongside Fi Mercer - CEO and Contemporary Governance Expert and Adrian Wagner - Data Analyst Expert, this webinar provides a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the ever evolving landscape of governance and the intrinsic connection between corporate and contemporary trends and issues.

Welcome to our 2023 Contemporary Governance Risks Whitepaper Webinar.


In this in-depth session, you'll learn about:

  • The Top 6 Overarching Governance Trends: Uncover the major trends and issues impacting governance practices in 2023.
  • The nexus between Corporate vs. Contemporary Risks: Explore how it directly correlates with the diversity of skills required by governing leaders.
  • Actionable Governance: Move beyond awareness to implement effective governance practices.
  • Harmonising Governing Teams: How can you better unify your organisation's governance through language, reporting and education.
  • Using Governing Insights for 2024: Understand how to apply these insights strategically in the coming year. 

The core purpose behind our 2023 GovernWith Whitepaper is to look back at the past year and what the data and insights have presented as trended collective risks, but more importantly, toward the future - how we can turn it into actionable, proactive governance within our organisations, addressing the question "So what's next?".

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