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Cyber Security and Boards

Discover the escalating world of cybercrime and how 'The Secure Board' provides non-technical insights for confident boardroom discussions on cyber risk.

Last year cybercrime increased 600% globally. In 2021, cyber is expected to be a $6 trillion business which will make it more profitable than the illicit drug trade. 

Blog by Claire Pales and Anna Leibel, co-authors of The Secure Board and Directors of The Secure Board Advisory 

“In our book "The Secure Board", which was released in March 2021, and at the May Governance Evaluator webinar we explain cyber risk in non-technical terms so you will have confidence next time your IT or security leader attends your Board meeting.” 
- Claire Pales and Anna Leibel, authors of The Secure Board and Directors of The Secure Board Advisory 

Written for current and aspiring Board members, "The Secure Board" provides the insights you need to ask the right questions, to give you the confidence your organisation is cyber-safe. Designed to be read either in its entirety or as a reference for a specific cyber security topic on your upcoming board agenda, "The Secure Board" sets aside the jargon in a practical, informative guide for Directors. 

"The Secure Board", is the second book from Claire Pales and the first for her co-author Anna Leibel. Claire and Anna are the founders of the boutique advisory firm The Secure Board and leading experts in cyber security and technology. They are independent advisors who have worked with many with boards and committees in both Australia and Asia. Anna is also a current director on the board of Ambulance Victoria. Based on their work with boards and executives, their local research and global trends in cyber, the book covers the 5 key elements of cyber knowledge that Directors expressed concerns about when it came to managing cyber risk. 

“I recommend The Secure Board as essential reading for all leaders. It will equip you with the knowledge and foresight to protect your information and your people.” 
– David Thodey AO, Chair of CSIRO 

“[This book] will challenge you to stop, to reflect and then re-set some of your governance thinking. Anna and Claire, you have made a great contribution to the development of all Directors who choose to pick up this book” 
– Ken D. Lay AO APM FAICD, Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria 


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