GovernWith: The Contemporary Governance Model

GovernWith is a technology-driven, human supported governance review and development program.

Providing actionable governance data insights, our ever evolving contemporary governance model ensures Boards, Executives and Subcommittees are equipped to function effectively, successfully demonstrate the required capabilities, and make meaningful contributions to their organisations and communities.


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For Executives and organisations striving to be more strategic and sustainable in the:

Aged Care Sector
Associations Sector
Education Sector
Health Sector
Housing Services Sector 
Human Services Sector


For Subcommittees and organisations striving to be contemporary and effective:

Audit and Risk
Consumer and Community Engagement

Quality and Clinical Governance
Remunerations and Nominations

Our GovernWith Team

GovernWith is made up of a team passionate about people, community and good governance. 

Intended to be ongoing, our programs are carefully designed enabling them to be both self led and externally supported.

Our Customer Success Team will work closely with your whole governance teams and individuals, to find out what the goals, and key strategic focus areas are for your organisation. 

We are all about actionable contemporary governance that builds successful, sustainable organisations.