Governance for the Human Services Industry

Built for Human Services Industry organisations of all service and funding types.

GovernWith meets all Human Services Board Governance Standards as well as the Human Services Director Capabilities requirements.

Human Services using governance capabilities

Human Services Standards | Human Services Governance in Australia

Boards of Directors of Human Services Organisations can meet their governance responsibility for leading a culture of quality care in their community - easily - with GovernWith. 

Human Services Boards can achieve their strategic goals and manage their biggest safety and quality risks, continuously, no matter the circumstances, by becoming High Functioning.  

GovernWith help all matter of organisational service types including but not limited to NDIS, Community Health, Child and Family, and Drug and Alcohol Services.


New Governance Capabilities for the Human Services Industry

Discover the transformative power of the most capable Governance Review, Director Capability Development and Board succession service for Australia's Health Care industry.

Human Services Specific Governance

The only provider including Human Services Specific Quality Standards for organisations of all service and funding types.

Independent Assessments

From DIY through to fully independent, externally led Governance Review Services tailored for Human Services Boards, Directors, Sub Committees and Executives.

Human Services Data Insights

Compare results for informed decision making with GovernWiths Human Services Governance insights, effective practice, trends, and benchmarking.

Targeted Recommendations

Instantly identify and recommend development of Board Governance and Director Capabilities for risks that will disproportionately impact your organisation.

Capability Development

Targeted - Human Services specific - Board, Director and Executive capability development resources and partner education

Succession Planning Management

Seamlessly transition Directors so your Board remains high functioning over multiple years

Expert Facilitators

GovernWith works with the best Human Services governance facilitators available.

Time Saving

GovernWith targets areas of disproportionate organisational impact so Director capability development is highly effective, high impact and efficient.



With over 10 years in operation, 600+ boards evaluated and over 6,000 Directors assessed, GovernWith's growing data sets means more refined and deeper Insights.

GovernWith can benchmark your Board Governance and Director Capabilities against industry peers and GovernWith Effective Practice in the Human Services sector.


Human Services Review Services

Insights & Recommendations

Instantly available insights post Board and Director Assessment

More Data Insights

Extended data insights from GovernWith data analytics team

Expert Help

Everything in Advanced Reports plus full day facilitation

Governance Add-On

This 'add on' review services can be added to any review or product offering

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What our customers say

"GovernWith has come such a long way - it is brilliant and exactly what we need”

“GovernWith Plus data supports well informed decisions about Induction, Whole Board and Director Development, Board Leadership Roles, Succession, Recruitment ”

“GovernWith Plus aligns really well with what we do in Human Services organisations”

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